The CHL Player Experience

While the CHL is known for player development, the CHL’s primary goals are player protection, providing competition and coaching to advance our players in hockey as far as their talent and commitment allow, teaching players leadership skills and supporting their education to ensure success in life.

When families are first involved in the league we commit with pride that during your sons time in the League we will provide him with the tools to reach  his potential in sport, education and life.

We refer to all of this as the CHL Player Experience. It was developed with the support of parents, players and those involved in student athletics. It is important to understand that the majority of our players are student athletes.

Families of elite athletes of all sports are challenged by the costs of sport.  They are concerned with player safety. While they want their children to pursue their passion for the sport, they want to ensure they will be properly cared for while receiving an education and acquiring leadership skills.

In the CHL, families are relieved of the economic burden of elite sports.  All equipment, coaching and training is paid for by teams. Most players are away from home living with billet parents compensated by the teams. The CHL and its teams must therefore focus on ensuring that players are supervised in a home with qualified and trusted billet parents. These billet parents develop long lasting relationships with the players and their families.


Education and Scholarships

CHL Teams cover all educational expenses during a player’s years with the league and provide scholarships after they complete their playing career.

If they do not attend school and maintain their marks they are not permitted to play. To support their education, teams provide academic advisors who monitor their performance, meet with teachers and tutor players.

In the CHL, all players are expected to graduate from high school in a timely basis.  CHL graduation rates exceeds the provincial and state averages.

We also guarantee all players a scholarship after their hockey career. Every player in our league receives a full year scholarship for each year he plays. As a result of their time in the CHL, most receive at least three or four year scholarships which can be used at a university, college or technical school of their choice.

In 2017/18 academic year CHL teams spent over $9.6 million on the scholarship program, with 910 graduated players using their scholarship package.